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Первый взгляд на Wismec Luxotic NC Kit

In this article we will consider a very noteworthy kit from Wismec, consisting of a dribble and an updated fashion Noisy Cricket, but with a different name.

At the time of its release, the mechanical mode for two batteries called Noisy Cricket from the well-known manufacturer Wismec has made a lot of noise in the wapping industry. The device was characterized by compact dimensions and excellent performance. Moreover, over time, the first "Noizik" became the hero of numerous memes because of his potential danger in inept hands. Later, the light was seen already protected version of Noisy Cricket, which was similarly warmly received by users. Today we will look at the continuation of the Noisy Cricket line, which this time received the name Luxotic NC.

On the design of the novelties, JayBo himself has already worked and, I must say, very successfully. Indeed, looks like Luxotic NC is not peculiar to Chinese industry, but rather beautiful and to some extent rich. A total of two colors are available and both will always have a different pattern due to the properties of the epoxy resin, from which a decent part of the hull is fashion.

The entire kit consists of a Luxox NC boxman and a new Guillotine V2 dribbling, which is characterized by an extremely curious construction and, as the fashion itself, a good design.

Guillotine V2 supports landing of 810th drip types. However, like most modern drips. In the kit, you can immediately find two mouthpieces, one of which is made to be a box of the Resin epoxy resin, and the other is made of heat-resistant PEI plastic.

As for the base, there were no special innovations, but it's also impossible to call it unsuccessful. We have here two stands with two hexagonal screws in each. The installation of spirals should not cause any special difficulties, although it will be necessary to adhere. Under the beds there are wide openings for the lower blowing, which tells us about the worthy taste of the device.

In addition to the bottom blowing in the Guillotine V2, there is also a lateral. To activate it, you just need to turn the side skirt over, thus blocking the lower blowing holes. For the adjustment of the side air intake will meet the top cap with blades, and for setting the bottom - the side skirt itself. It is worth noting that the user is not available at once both variations of the airflow, it is necessary to choose.

There is a so-called potentiometer just below the Fire button and allows you to adjust the voltage from 1 to 8 Volts. The maximum power withered by the manufacturer is as much as 250 watts. There is a whole heap of various protections in Luxotic NC, including short circuit, low voltage and overheating.

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